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SUMMARY: I.- Everything the ROL has done and is doing is under the leadership of the CIA.
II.- The continuation of Yankee imperialism's plans:
The "new trials," the "judiciary reform" and the "new" hoaxes against Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano

I.- Everything the ROL has done and is doing is under the leadership of the CIA

The Communist Party of Peru has crushed the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL) with people's war and what remains are remainders of this accursed line. Although the miserable rats have not obtained anything for their treason, and what they say is being ignored by reaction, reaction is using those rats, their "relatives" and their so-called lawyers in order to maintain the absolute isolation of Chairman Gonzalo. With this article, we want to serve the task of continuing the sweeping away of the remainders of this accursed ROL and of the convergences with it; we do it by denouncing and bringing into the open all the hoaxes fabricated against Chairman Gonzalo since his arrest in September 1992 until the present, parts of these hoaxes being those concocted against Comrade Feliciano.

The psychological warfare is part of the "low intensity warfare" led by Yankee imperialism

This is why we have to start from the fact that the "Low-Intensity Warfare," by the official spokespersons of Yankee imperialism also denominated "Low Intensity Conflict" (LIC), which they since 1985 are presenting as a new strategy of war on a low level, without war being declared under the norms of international law. This is the "new" strategy of counterrevolutionary war that has been made fashionable in the period after Yankee imperialism's disaster in Vietnam, during the Reagan government, as the rebirth of their "counterinsurgency warfare," in order to struggle for world hegemony facing Soviet social imperialism (struggle for spheres of influence, for the Third World countries - plan for hegemony) and in order to act as world counterrevolutionary gendarme. This strategy becomes especially important from the beginning of the 90's, within the general counterrevolutionary offensive led by Yankee imperialism in its role of sole hegemonist and world gendarme, in the midst of the accelerated preparations, made by the same contenders as in the two previous imperialist world war, for a third world war, as was denounced by Chairman Gonzalo in his masterful Speech. Today, Yankee imperialism more than ever needs to head and further apply this general counterrevolutionary offensive and its LIC, within what it has called "a new national security strategy for a forward-reaching, pre-emptive strategy against hostile states and terrorist groups" (Bush, September 2002) in order to, by means of the acts of war they will bring to all corners of the world, impose a "new world order" and confront world revolution. To this end it is at the present moment developing its imperialist war of aggression. Despite this, Yankee imperialism is since that time, since the mid-80's, seeking to present their "new" strategy in an apolitical and ahistorical language, attempting to make us believe that wars can simply be classified depending on the quantity of armed forces and the means used in them. To us, the wars divide into just and unjust, revolutionary or counterrevolutionary, war of liberation or of aggression; the problem is which class is leading the war. According to the United States' National Defense University, the LIC consists of the following elements: "a) The combination of military and nonmilitary forms of struggle. The most well-known components are the civil action programs, the psychological operations and the propaganda campaigns, all these having a vast political content. b) A very low level of participation of Unites States military combat forces: LIC contains the direct US military participation, but it takes place by means of supporting the native forces, either government or opposition forces, or through small units for special operations, or through secret operations. This is an essential and long-ranging element of the LIC." In Peru, Yankee imperialism is, since Fujimori's coup d'etat on April 5, 1992, via the CIA leading its "low-intensity warfare" or LIC against our People's War. Their agent Montesinos was only the top of this iceberg. Today, they continue with the "Yankee with Indian hat" (Toledo), just like they did during the Paniagua government. And it is via Montesinos, Merino, etc., that the CIA, counting on the support of the rats of the ROL, sets up the hoax of the "peace letter" against Chairman Gonzalo. "c) The mobilization and support within the US. The political and psychological components of the LIC are not only foreseen to be applied in the conflict area but within the US itself as well. Great efforts have to be made to mobilize and maintain an internal support - in Congress, in the media, and in the public opinion." The lesson they drew from Vietnam is that the war was lost as much in Vietnam as in the US itself. This establishes the importance of this "nonmilitary" component of the LIC, of the psychological warfare, which is to be applied in the conflict area and likewise in the US itself. This is why imperialism, from the very initiation of our People's War, has carried out a political campaign of lies and hoaxes against the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) and the People's War it leads. Chairman Gonzalo warned us about this at the beginning of the 90's; basing himself on the fact that the Yankees themselves point out, that "the strategy is becoming complex and the goal is overall and not only military, the response is also complex, it is long-range", the Chairman says, "facing a war like ours, they will have to consider that it is not something simple... Fujimori also puts forward that the problem is not simple, nor is it a short-range one." They put forward a protracted war "that might last for decades."

Their psychological warfare or psychological operations are applied by psychological operation (PSYOP) troops, by propaganda specialists. These are stationed at Fort Brag, from where they are deployed according to the needs. Their directives, such as directive 33-5, define "psychological warfare as the application of propaganda and other means of influencing the opinions, attitudes, ways of thinking, feelings and behavior of allied, neutral or enemy forces." The PSYOP troops use every form of mass communication. The PSYOP contain all forms included in the CIA directive for "Psychological operations in guerrilla warfare." (All the directives for the secret services and the CIA issued by Reagan, Bush Sr. and Clinton were modified by five memoranda - Memoranda of Notification in the US bureaucratic language - issued by the Bush government in September 2001, by which the former are given full powers to continue carrying out their secret or hidden operations, without running any risks nor being subjected to any control, except by their chief, Bush). Today, the operations such as the new hoaxes the CIA is setting up against Chairman Gonzalo and the PCP are included as part of their "World Operation Plan", a top secret document prescribing "hidden operations" in more than 80 countries (assassinations, hoaxes, drug trade, arms sales, the buying of politicians, militaries, etc.). The central objectives of the psychological operations are: 1) To modify the relations among the soldiers in order to gain the people. 2) To change the behavior and perceptions of the population, of the insurgents during the war; in other words, the way the population perceives them and the way the insurgents perceive the countersubversive war and the military operations; they aim to make them perceive the revolutionary war as a failure. They want to change the views of the population and of the insurgents, so that they perceive the war as bad, that it is not possible to conquer political power; for instance, they tell the population, "there is no light because they blew up the pylons." This brief explanation we can better understand what the CIA, reaction and the miserable rats of the ROL are after with their "peace letters" and all their pulp documents, when they say that "the People's War will not be able to triumph", "that the war has ended through failure", "that they are remainders", that "they are divided between three committees", that "the bases lead", etc. Even more so, if you keep in mind that a "decisive factor for these psychological operations is breaking the resistance in the hearts of the men, which implies ideological struggle" (see Total War against the Poor, Ulrich Duchrow et al.).

Which is the objective of this ideological struggle of the enemy against the Communist Party of Peru, the heroic combatant that leads the People's War? They have nothing to put up against our all-powerful ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, against our program and our general political line with its center, the military line. We are superior in ideology and in politics, this is where our strength lies. We have a superior military strategy: our invincible People's War. We are the new, revolution in unstoppable march, through people's war, until communism; they incarnate the exploitation, oppression and misery for the overwhelming majority of the world population. This is why these miserable cowards are carrying out an unprecedented crime of war by using the world's most important prisoner of war as a hostage, submitting him to an inhuman and degrading treatment, presenting Chairman Gonzalo as a traitor, as a revisionist and capitulationist who disowns the People's War, and they are doing the same with Comrade Feliciano. They are also doing it against all the Party members, combatants and masses that fall into their clutches; we denounce the clandestine detention centers like the dungeons of the SIE (Army Intelligence Service) and very much in particular, the concentration camps at the Callao Naval Base, Challapalca, Yanamayo, etc.

But they are centering on Chairman Gonzalo because he is the Great Leader of the Party and the revolution. Because Chairman Gonzalo is inseparably united with Gonzalo Thought, which is the basis for his Great Leadership, because he is the center of Party unification and the guarantee of triumph.

Chairman Gonzalo and the PCP prepared us against the LIC and the enemy's psychological warfare. He pointed out to us that when the enemy talks of negotiations, it does so in order to try to divide the Party; that negotiations only can take place as the consequence of what has been won on the battle field; that we only will negotiate their surrender; that many may fall, even he himself, but that those who remain can and must continue. Thus, in his masterful speech of September 24, 1992, he calls us to continue the People's War because of what we are, communists serving the arrival of the new society. In 1991, the book "The Counterinsurgency Era" by Douglas S. Blaufarb was studied in the Party. In this book, the author talks about the "pacification" in Vietnam, "which in fact was not achieved, due to the means used; the population was bombed, displaced by force, or caught in the crossfire as a combating force, in encounters in or around their homes. This was applied to those who resisted. Even more so, the pacification effort meant a veritable massacre of the population, such as with 'Operation Phoenix', conceived by the CIA that attempted to neutralize the guerilla - eliminating their supporters by any means. It was not achieved in spite of the mass murder, in 1968, during 'Operation Phoenix', under the direct orders of the US, 26,369 South-Vietnamese civilians were murdered and 33,658 imprisoned under infernal conditions." This is why Blaufarb draws the conclusion that "you cannot eliminate the infrastructure without first eliminating the organization that leads it." The Chairman tells us: "This means the Party; a formidable lesson; the French put forward: 1) sweep away the leadership of the Party and 2) break the relationship with the masses. First the Party because as long as the Party exists, revolution will continue." This is why they are attacking Chairman Gonzalo, the center of Party unification, in order to sweep away the leadership of the Party and bring revolution to a halt, this is the decisive objective that the enemy is after with their hoaxes.

But they know that no true communist, nobody who has a pinch of brains can believe in their hoaxes; this is why they launch their hoaxes while at the same time keeping Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano in absolute isolation, seeking to at least spread the doubt. This is what the miserable rats of the ROL are grappling in order to try to cover up their treason and flee from the revolutionary justice. This is why every Party member, combatant and member of the masses knows that doubting is losing yourself, that doubting is serving the enemy's plans, each and every one of them knows that truth is in favor of the people and that armed with the truth of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought and with people's war, we will unmask each and every one of the hoaxes against Chairman Gonzalo and the PCP, blowing them into a thousand pieces.

To sum up: all the hoaxes and all the propaganda that the CIA - directly controlling Peruvian reaction and the ROL - is spreading concerning Chairman Gonzalo and the Communist Party of Peru form part of the psychological warfare within their LIC. In all this dissemination, they are following what is stipulated in the Yankee manuals for psychological warfare, the latter being waged in a planned and permanent manner, with well-defined goals, mixing false (gross, incredible and even fantastical) information with partially true information. This is in the technical intelligence terminology known as disinformation, and as we have seen, it is aimed at allies, neutrals and enemies. The disinformation is indispensable for the entire montage, in order for them to fulfill their global goals. The so-called "vladivideos" (the recordings of interviews, meetings etc. between Montesinos and different persons) are an example of this. In what is being disseminated, true conversations are being mixed with montages fabricated for their hoaxes. Montesinos himself has revealed to his judges that he - following the most elemental norms every spy applies - always inserted false information in his conversations with one of his lovers, and a fellow CIA spy, called "Pichi Pichi". It is a principle in every reactionary war that it, in the course of its preparation and development, always is accompanied by a campaign of lies and hoaxes in order to manipulate public opinion, their own or that of the others. As the Party has repeatedly pointed out, imperialism and reaction are practitioners of what German fascism taught: "lie, lie, so that something remains." This is why the hoaxes and the montages, the vile defamation of Chairman Gonzalo should not surprise anyone. What Yankee imperialism is seeking, is to portray Chairman Gonzalo as a revisionist and a capitulator, dreaming of being able to damage the morale of the class, annihilate leadership, divide the Party and annihilate the People's War. They seek to divide the international communist movement and the RIM and isolate the People's War of Peru. All this forms part of imperialism's general counterrevolutionary offensive, which it develops against the strategic offensive of world proletarian revolution, of which the People's War of Peru is the torch.

This psychological warfare has developed in a sharper way from the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo and onwards. The "peace accords", the pulp documents and the so-called "self-criticisms" of the rats of the ROL, the "hunger strike", "Feliciano's capitulation", and today the "new trials" and the "judiciary reform" - all this forms part of Yankee imperialism's plan. This plan has been carried forward by the CIA and its agents, like Montesinos, using the rats of the ROL. That revisionism collaborates is normal, it is part of its class character, but in this case, due to the sharpening of the contradictions at the national and international level, the treason of the revisionists has reached an extreme level: "traitors, opportunists and revisionists have existed during the long years of Party life, but seemingly never like these, so treacherous, reptilian and perfidious" (Against the Genocidal and Country-Selling Dictatorship, Persist in the People's War, CC of the PCP, March 1995). The role of the rats is to serve the hoaxes, and this is why the CIA ill-conceived them.

The "peace letters" are a gross and ridiculous hoax that no one with a pinch of brains can take seriously

In October 1993, Fujimori presented some so-called "peace letters by Chairman Gonzalo" before the UN, accompanied by fabricated videos. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru immediately and without any hesitation established that it was a hoax fabricated by reaction:
"It is in order to serve this counterrevolutionary necessity [to annihilate the People's War] and in their desperation and impotence facing the advance of the People's War and as part of their psychological warfare, within the framework of the 'low-intensity warfare' that they have set up the sinister and perverse hoax that, on one hand, aims at vainly defaming Chairman Gonzalo, continuing their premeditated, treacherous and insane plan of annihilating him; and on the other hand, it is nothing but the proclamation of their black dream of 'the Shining Path's capitulation' [...] a gross and ridiculous hoax that no one with a pinch of brains can take seriously and that will dissolve into smoke, just like its predecessors, facing the whirlwind of the incessant People's War [...]" (Declaration, CC of the PCP, October 7, 1993)
This is the clear position of the Communist Party of Peru and of all those of us who are really Maoists in deeds and not only in words. Facing this, the thing to do was and is to close ranks around the Central Committee of the PCP; to denounce and unmask the hoax. But some alleged "great Maoists" saw a favorable opportunity to give free rein to their black positions, putting them forward openly, and they started "investigating" (and allegedly continue to do so). This rabble have, inside and outside of the RIM, been spreading the idea of the "possibility" that Chairman Gonzalo would be a capitulator, and later when they were cornered by the truth defended by all the communists, they self-criticized in words, which they immediately revoked with duplicity in practice and went on to launch their black vomits.

The ROL, the "letters" and the "peace accords" are the complete negation of Gonzalo Thought and they are CIA creations. The CIA has admitted to the fatherhood of their runt, like when CIA agent No. 2, Rafael Mertino Bartet, "career advisor to the National Intelligence Service (SIN), where he had worked since 1980, and specialist on leftist doctrines," recognizes that he is the one who has elaborated the "letters" and that this was part of the plan "Storm in the Andes": "I have studied their congress documents and the famous 'interview of the century'. All and all, the entire Shining Path production and especially the so-called 'guiding thought' or 'Gonzalo Thought'. I have revised the same books as him, and this is why it was easy for me to reproduce his style of writing." (Caretas 1720, May 9, 2002) To this exact information, they add the hoax that they want to disseminate, that Chairman Gonzalo is to have corrected and signed the "letters."
The only "evidence" presented in favor of the hoax is a photo and the video with the so-called "signing of the letter." As the Central Committee pointed out, it is a gross and ridiculous hoax that no one with a pinch of brains can take seriously. Those who believe in this or start "investigating" do this solely because of their opposition to Chairman Gonzalo, to Gonzalo Thought and to Maoism. The problem does not lie neither in blindness nor in lack of brains. From the words out of the mouth of the reaction itself we can see how the ROL works with it: it has been revealed by general Miguel Rojas García, who in 1993 was head of the dungeons of the Army Intelligence Service, in his declaration before the Peruvian Parliament's "Townsend" Commission: "I remember that I received a verbal order to embellish the women, that is, that they have their hair cut and colored. Rojas García said that he, to this end, contracted a hairdresser and provided his office for carrying out this treatment, because the terrorists were to be photographed in order to sign the peace accords with Abimael Guzmán" (Comercio, March 13, 2002).

The CIA's plan against Chairman Gonzalo

The hoax of the "peace accords" has been planned by the CIA through its agent Montesinos, as part of the counterrevolutionary war or LIC. Montesinos worked with those who became rats since before the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo; a key piece in this was the CIA agent who in the dens of the rats is known as "Father Lancier". This Belgian who belonged to the French "Foreign Legion" and who has served the CIA in Japan, Indochina, South Africa (where he was part of the "work" with the traitor Mandela) and thereafter in Peru. He established contacts with the rats since the beginning of the 80's in the prisons, thereafter he maintained these contacts outside (when the rats came out of prison, they used to meet him in la Recoleta - a school for the big bourgeoisie's children) and on several occasions, he helped them with contacts abroad. This "Father" used to meet the rat Morote (or "Remigio") when the latter was imprisoned alone in one of four cells located in a detention center for special prisoners in Canto Grande, another cell facing his being occupied by Polay, who also received this privilege on behalf of his APRA comrades, this was at the time of García Pérez' fascist government. Morote was there from his detention and until the moment of his being placed among the remaining prisoners in order to do his "work", before 1992.

Our Great Leader has not been arrested due to reaction's own efforts, but due to the informing of one of the capitulators, "Arana Franco, he who gave us the information to get to him" (Transcript of Video No. 1312. "Meeting Doctor [Montesinos] - Patricio Rickets", January 12, 1998). After the arrest, Montesinos and the CIA already know that the arrest as such would not stop the People's War; this is why they have the plan ready to defame Chairman Gonzalo, seeking to foment the split of the Party. Several of the so-called "vladivideos" contain declarations by Montesinos, where he explains the way he has acted as father and mother of the "peace accords" and of all of what the ROL has done. Thus, Montesinos confesses the way the CIA conceived the plan when he says: "Abimael Guzmán [...] has a fortune here in Peru and we have to take advantage of this fortune, and he [Fujimori] says to me: we have to take advantage of this fortune" (Transcript of video no. 1324. "Meeting with Dr. Guillén [mayor of Arequipa]", November 23, 1998). Of course he and his buddy Fujimori want to portray themselves as the true parents of the creature. And further, in the cryptic language of the intelligence services, Montesinos - in Panama, in October 2000 - sees to it that a picture is taken of him wearing a striped shirt similar to the one Chairman Gonzalo was made to wear to be presented in the cage. By this, Montesinos wanted to tell his masters that if they did not fulfill their obligations to him, he would reveal the greatest infamy the CIA and reaction has ever committed against a prisoner of war, that is, reveal the hoax against Chairman Gonzalo. After this took place, Montesinos was immediately able to travel to Peru in order to sort out his affairs before, once more, going ahead with his tactical retreat under the protection of the CIA and the old and rotten Peruvian state.

The CIA and reaction are the ones who give the impetus to and lead the structuring of the ROL

In order to try to give credibility to the hoaxes, CIA and reaction also need to count on the collaboration of persons that they could present as "PCP representatives." Thus, they have made a selection among the prisoners. Some, like the rat Morote, had already capitulated before Chairman Gonzalo's arrest. Others have been taken to the dungeons of the Army Intelligence Service in order to be "convinced" (broken down, like in the Military Junta's Argentina and Pinochet's Chile; the CIA applies this experience in Peru, combining it with the practice of the MOSSAD in occupied Palestine in order to obtain the "collaboration" of the prisoners that have been broken down, prisoners that they thereafter let out of prison in order to have them infiltrate the resistance organizations of the Palestinian people). As the general Miguel Rojas García says: "following a mere oral order, the terrorists in the prison Yanamayo were taken to Lima - to the basements of the SIE - between May and November 1993, when the peace accord was structured. The terrorists transferred were Laura Zambrano, Martha Huatay, María Pantoja, Osmán Morote and Elena Iparraguirre" (Comercio, March 13, 2002). As can be seen by the words out of the mouth of this SIE general himself, they did not go to the Callao Naval Base, but to the basements of the SIE in the "Little Pentagon," in Lima, in order to finish off the work of breaking them down; neither can the general say that Chairman Gonzalo was taken to one of these dungeons during the time when the rats of the ROL were there, which refutes what is said about there having been a joint meeting between them and Chairman Gonzalo to "sign the peace letters"; this never took place. It was also during those months that the CIA carried out the work with each of the prisoners, combining torture, threats, etc. with promises on advantages, and then Morote who had already capitulated and Pantoja, Salas and Huatay are definitively put to work with the CIA, with reaction and to serve the hoax of the "peace accords." Thereafter, reaction has taken the rats from prison to prison, even by airplane, organizing "meetings" in order for them to disseminate the hoax among the prisoners of war. These traitors of the ROL, together with the reaction, have made a selection among the prisoners, in order to find those whom they thought they could break down more easily. Unable to achieve their plans, they have tortured them, they have placed them in cells together with rats of the ROL, etc. The same has been done with the new prisoners of war. The rats of the ROL have been nursed and sponsored by reaction - this is what the Communist Party of Peru establishes, and it is not a mere affirmation, it is an undeniable and concrete fact.

What has the perspective of these capitulators been? In no way that of a communist. As the rat Morote admits, talking with a journalist from Comercio: "in one way or another, those who signed the so-called Peace Accord were managed by the sinister former intelligence advisor, whom he, nevertheless, throughout the interview called doctor Montesinos. [...] 'We knew from the beginning that we were the weaker party. There was without doubt a political handling of the fact, but put yourself in our place. If you are in prison and they are the ones handling the key to your cell, well then there are only two roads: either you fall down crying, or you decide to have a dialogue and seek a solution. We opted for the second', he explained". (Comercio, March 2, 2003) Morote himself in his very own high person is here openly and without subterfuges confessing that he is a practitioner of the philosophy of renegades like Liu Shao-chi and Teng Hsiao-ping, thus opposed, contrary and a deadly enemy to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought. All of what the rats have made public via the channels of the CIA and of Peruvian reaction, like what they have declared directly, follows to the letter the libretto of these revisionist arch-traitors and renegades that Liu Shao Shi and Teng Hsiao Ping were, all of which was crushed during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Thus, being practitioners of the renegade philosophy, Morote and all these miserable traitors of the ROL have started working with reaction and have renounced the unchangeable promise given by the communists and the sons and daughters of the people, armed, to continue the shining example of our prisoners of war who on June 19, 1986 engraved a milestone of heroism, in order to developing the People's War, serve world revolution until communism.
And why have they capitulated? Why have they only seen these "two roads," and not the one that the PCP applies, to combat and resist, principally combat? Because they have never been what they claimed to be, they have never been made out of the wood that communists are made of. The true communists never capitulate, as is shown by the great examples of Comrade Chiang Ching in China, of Comrade Ibrahim Kaypakkaya in Turkey and of Comrade Norah of the PCP, and even less so does a communist Great Leader like Chairman Gonzalo. The rats themselves have had to admit what their trajectory within the Party was, the one before their treason, when they made a reference to the leadership of the Party having attacked "proven and older leaders, who in spite of their rightist trajectory supported the New Great Decision and Definition, supposedly accusing them of being traitors and colluded with reaction and imperialism, Salas being the only traitor because of ideological and political weaknesses and c. R. a shameless, condemned and suspended collaborationist" (Pulp document of the rats, written hand in hand with the CIA: "The sealing of the Party unity is beginning", 22/IX/95). The rats themselves admit that they have always been rightists, and the Party also knows them very well: "already in the Third Plenum of the Central Committee Chairman Gonzalo warned us about the danger of a rise of a revisionist line, of which there were already indications it was being hatched, an opportunist line which would be opposed to the conquest of Power. He told us that if the Initiation of the Armed Struggle required a hard struggle against the ROL of these times, there was even better reason to think about an even greater struggle, an earthshaking struggle, before an even greater leap, such as the conquest of political power. Events have once more proven him right, but what we have seen has been their fiasco, because this revisionist aborted runt has been incapable of sustaining ideological and political positions in the internal struggle and has simply split the Party with the help of the reaction itself and probable infiltrating agents, having bolted in a gallop after the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo." (Against the Genocidal and Country-Selling Dictatorship, Persist in the People's War, CC of the PCP, March 1995)

Montesinos' servile rats

In order to even more clearly bring out the servile relation the rats have with the CIA through SIN, today CNI, we transcribe - in a separate text box - Montesinos' conversation with the rats Morote and Pantoja ("the Mexican"), walking cadavers who will pay with interest for the crimes they have committed. Here, it is once again shown how the CIA, in this case through Montesinos, is controlling the rats for the hoaxes and how the rats are collaborating with complete readiness, kneeling down.
With Comrade Feliciano's arrest in 1999, reaction started preparing the hoaxes against him, in order to say that he also was to have capitulated - the same as what they have started spreading so much during these last months. Montesinos had prepared such a hoax already for year 2000. We should remember that, when they arrested Comrade Feliciano, he was kidnapped in order to set up the hoax that Feliciano was joining the "peace accord" line from the outside. But this attempt blew up because of the fact that a journalist from Correo of Huancayo revealed the news on the arrest. The rebellion of the PCP prisoners of war in the Shining Trench of Combat Yanamayo in February 2000 - where the public presentation of Chairman Gonzalo was demanded and the hoax of the "peace accords" was combated - crushed these attempts in the cradle. Fujimori was forced to make a declaration before the media, saying that the demands for the public presentation of Chairman Gonzalo, for the rights of the prisoners of war to be respected, etc., were "absurd" (several Peruvian newspapers, February 9, 2000).
Once the rebellion in Yanamayo had broken out, Montesinos called the rats by telephone. Montesinos and the rats make great efforts to control the situation, but they do not succeed in presenting their hoax. The rats are the servile lackeys whose role is to say "yeah, yeah" and "fulfill" so that reaction's work will "not only be maintained but advance," as the rat Morote says.

Extracts from the transcript of audio no. C-72. "Morote - Dr - Mutiny in Yanamayo - Puno", February 7, 2000

"Mr. MOROTE BARRIONUEVO.- How are you, Sir. A pleasure to hear your voice again, after such a long time.
Mr. MONTESINOS TORRES.- Well, here, quite worried because of the things that are happening over there, because you are stopping a possibility for conversation, which is causing difficulties for me personally in helping you in the process of contacts that I have been developing.
So, as you already know, 'Feliciano' is in Callao and there have been quite a lot of conversations with him and thus we are already thinking of bringing you and María Pantoja over. But now, as we have this problem, and this is complicating the scenario for us.
Actually, it is complicating things for you and there is a very difficult variable.
Mr. MOROTE BARRIONUEVO.- The responsibility is not ours, doctor. It is a provoked action, if I dare say, carried out very wrongly and contrary to our will, because the event has neither come about in our areas.
Mr. MOROTE BARRIONUEVO.- Rather, it has not taken place in the pavilions where we are.
Mr. MONTESINOS TORRES.- Yeah. So, I want, I want you to guarantee me that everything will go back to normal. In other words, I don't want any acts of violence there, nor anything, and I'm also going to talk to the police staff, so that events of this nature won't take place. In other words, we'll insist on calm and serenity and that one can achieve things through dialogue and not through violence.
Mr. MOROTE BARRIONUEVO.- Yes, we promise to serve in this sense.
Mr. MONTESINOS TORRES.- Because of this, if there is any thing you might want, I want you to approach, as you have done at other times, and general Villena is going to talk to you and you'll transmit the communication to me, just like I've always received your letters."
And, of course, it is necessary to keep the collaboration secret:
"Mr. MONTESINOS TORRES.- I hope you've understood this, because I don't, I don't want the press to twist things, it is not convenient for any of the parties.
Mr. MOROTE BARRIONUEVO.- That is so, doctor, you can be fully certain that we keep all of this in strict reserve. We know the importance and we want to serve you in the work so that it develops, not only is maintained, but advances."
Then the other rat, María Pantoja, arrives in order to talk to Montesinos, who explains more in detail what he has prepared against Comrade Feliciano:
"Mr. MONTESINOS TORRES.- 'Feliciano' is there, he is with them there, their health is very fine, they are in perfect condition, there is no problem, we continue conversing with him, we are carrying out the work you already know [...] and as I was just saying to Osmán, I have plans for Osmán to come next month [...] there is a sector there, that is with 'Feliciano'? It is in favor of the position of 'Feliciano' but well 'Feliciano', he's on this side of the river bank now, he's not on the other, he's not in the other camp.
Mrs. MARÍA PANTOJA.- Yes, but well they don't know this, doctor.
Mr. MONTESINOS TORRES.- Well good gracious, I'm telling you, right, this is why one of you is to come so that 'Feliciano' thereafter can send a little note and these buddies will end up on the moon.
Mrs. MARÍA PANTOJA.- Of course, this is exactly what we need.
Mr. MONTESINOS TORRES.- Well that's why I'm telling you, what's he called, and Nicolás is going to come here to talk with me here and then, well the *Peluca* himself is going to send the little note, right. And in it he's going to say what we're going to do next time, I'm going to let you talk over the phone, put 'Feliciano' in contact with you and with one of the incredulous so that they can talk over the phone."


The so-called "self-criticisms" have been fabricated by reaction

The CIA, Peruvian reaction, the ROL and "others" as well have disseminated the so-called "self-criticisms" of the rats in order to spread their venom. These "self-criticisms" have been fabricated directly by the department for psychological warfare of the SIN (under the leadership of the CIA), as is the case with all of what is being spread in the name of the ROL. We reaffirm ourselves in what the Party has established concerning the "self-criticism" by "Nancy" (Margie Clavo). The "investigators" have voraciously devoured the dish served, they have taken advantage of the opportunity to launch their vile attacks against Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought, serving and converging with reaction's plans. The "investigators" said that this SIN and CIA product "further strengthens suppositions that Chairman Gonzalo is indeed proposing the line of seeking a peace accord" ("Document on 2LS from CoRIM" from 1995, made public in 1996).
The falseness of this "self-criticism" has been totally unmasked even by a reactionary Peruvian journalist (César Hildebrand), due to his contradictions with the Montesinos clique. Thus, Mariella Muñoz - the journalist that was taken to the Callao Naval Base to make the "interview" with Margie Clavo - in a Hildebrandt emission explains how the entire interview was prepared by the SIN, and how she has been forced to participate in this: she has not been allowed to make a real interview but has on the contrary had to participate in the parody with "Nancy". Before going to the Callao Naval Base, Muñoz was taken to the office of the SIN, where Montesinos gave the specific instructions for the "interview," the entire list of questions, prepared word by word by the SIN: "I talked to him very briefly and he told me we are going to see a video, he had a big, very big, TV set, we're going to see a video and there was Margie Clavo Peralta together with Vladimiro Montesinos, Vladimiro Montesinos was acting as the reporter... he was posing the questions, the same that he gave me later in a questionnaire, and he told me, look at the video, because that's how I want you to interview Margie Clavo Peralta (H: That's what he said?) that's the way it is, but I told him I already have a questionnaire."
Montesinos threw the questions prepared by Muñoz into the dustbin. During the interview, on the mere changing of a few words, the journalist was repeatedly corrected, by the militaries as well as by the rat: "it surprised me that Margie Clavo Peralta was acquiescent, she knew that it was a false interview, because it was not the journalist that had elaborated it, it was Vladimiro Montesinos that had elaborated it... (H: What did Margie Clavo say to you?) ...she agreed with this... (H: What did she say) ...she told me something like that I should not try to cause problems and not deviate from what had already been stipulated..." In the end, the militaries had to write the "questions" in big letters for the journalist to read them out loud.
Thus, this "interview" and the "self-criticism," a large pulp document where the "foundations" are laid for the entire ROL, in opposition to the Party Unity Basis, attacking the Great Leadership and Comrade Feliciano, has been fabricated by the CIA and reaction.

Reaction itself propagates the ROL and acts in its name

Reaction is making propaganda and agitation for the ROL even without the participation of the rats. The fascist and genocidal armed forces have spread "ROL" leaflets, principally in the support bases. The SIN has sent its agents to shantytowns and universities to "argue" in favor of the ROL and identify those who defend the Party line. Montesinos says: "I've been carrying out a very nice work at the university, I've formed a team that have dedicated themselves and they have studied all the Shining Path documents; thus, they've learnt the language, which is fundamental, how to dress, how to behave, and then they go to the universities to make a political debate defending the position of Abimael Guzmán to see who comes out in favor of the position of Feliciano.
So, we've come up with the surprise that in the university halls, there is a (inaudible) and they come out as Shining Path people, that is, Shining Path people within quotation marks and then well, the defenders of Feliciano came out. So, we brought about the contradiction within the university and the students have the possibility of seeing the struggle of the two lines.
And after the debate we go to the settlements and shantytowns; there, another team is seeing who are the ones that come out for the defensive line, because the former are we, and this allows us to do what? To discover how they are doing the political work to organize in the settlements in the shantytowns and (inaudible).
So, we already have an important data base that in a given moment, one night we make a raid. But this demands being there permanently 24 hours a day because they never rest (inaudible). They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."
(Transcript of the videos no. 880 and no. 881. "María Luisa Cuculiza Torre, Briones Dávila, Vladimiro Montesinos Torres and Alberto Fujimori Fujimori", April 29, 1998) The same thing has been done with the showing of the "videos" in popular neighborhoods of Arequipa and other places, carried out by the Army itself, the visits by rats, accompanied by SIN agents, to settlements; that is why they have been annihilated by the Party.
This continues to this day, the "arrest" and "trial" against Montesinos has not changed the way the CIA acts. Thus, reaction is systematically distorting what is published on what the Party does, in order to portray it as the ROL: for instance, they add ROL slogans to those of the Party when they publish reports on actions by the Party; they have written that our magazine belongs to the ROL, etc. They give vast coverage to the ROL, like when, on January 26, 2003, dedicated an entire "investigation" to the ROL. In the texts presented, they talk of the Party work, distorting the real situation to portray what the Party does as if it was made by the ROL, as if the ROL would exist within the Party, as if there were several fractions within the Party - the same thing that the ROL says. Via, an entire interview with a so-called "Comrade José" in Canto Grande - a well-known rat of the ROL - is disseminated, an "interview" where he is allowed to put forward the entire ROL pus. They even publish an ROL pulp document, a "letter by Abimael," fabricated by the department for psychological warfare of the CNI (new acronym for the same old SIN).

The fate that awaits every informer and infiltrator:
"Thus die the damned informers and infiltrators that hand over the best children of our people! The People's War is invincible! Long live Chairman Gonzalo! PCP"
(Selective annihilation of an informer, Canto Grande, Lima, 1995)

II. The continuation of Yankee imperialism's plans:
The "new trials," the "judiciary reform" and the "new" hoaxes against Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano

The entire "judiciary reform" of the old Peruvian state only serves to maintain the same rotten system, in an attempt to legitimize it, which is something impossible even from the point of view of bourgeois law itself. It is not a reform but the total and complete submission of the Judiciary Power to the Executive. As a reactionary like the dean of the Lima Bar Association (CAL), Aníbal Torres Vásquez, has recognized: "the reform of the Judiciary Power, developed by the current president of this institution, Hugo Sivina Hurtado, is 'a fraud', because so far, no changes are to be seen in the administration of justice and in addition, 'corruption subsists'. 'Even Christ can't change that', asserted Torres" (República, April 6, 2003).
The "reform" is carried out under the leadership and direct control of Yankee imperialism: "The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will support the process of restructuring Peru's Judiciary Power [...] the US organ promises to provide technical assistance and provide funds for the administration of Peruvian justice". (Comercio, April 1, 2003). Just in order to "give an impetus to the process of the penal reform," they are going to give 20 million USD (Correo of Lima, April 20, 2003). The "judiciary reform" forms part of the Yankee plans against the people's war, preparing the judiciary and prison system for greater genocides.

The rats admit in deeds the total isolation of Chairman Gonzalo

Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano are in total and perpetual isolation, as is being unmasked and denounced by the Communist Party of Peru. This is why the rats saw themselves forced to "recognize" the isolation of Chairman Gonzalo, and started carrying out a false campaign to "break the isolation," while they in fact are serving the CIA plans to maintain his isolation. In November 2000, the rats said that they had "reestablished communication" - but how can it then be the case that the rat Pantoja presents a habeas corpus "to end his isolation", dated December 4, 2000? The petty-fogging lawyer Fajardo is - as was denounced in issue number 23 of Red Sun - working with the rats, he is one of them, and on top of this he is at the personal service of Morote - has also had to recognize it. What this petty-fogging lawyer says to the media and public opinion, about being "Guzmán's lawyer," he himself contradicts before the Constitutional Court, in his habeas corpus of March 5, 2002, where he "demands the immediate end to the solitary confinement, absolute and perpetual isolation and the subjection to inhuman, degrading conditions of confinement, incompatible with human dignity, to which it is asserted that the beneficiaries in said prison [the Callao Naval Base] are subjected." (See the Sentence of the Constitutional Court, EXP. N.° 935-2002-HC/TC, June 20, 2002). The fact that Fajardo in no manner is Chairman Gonzalo's lawyer - which is what Fajardo has been asserting since year 2001 - has been confirmed once more in April 2003, in relation to the supposed interrogation of Chairman Gonzalo, when the authorities announced that: "Even though the interrogation of Guzmán was planned for this session, it was not possible to carry this out, because he only recently designated Manuel Fajardo Cravero as his defender." (República, April 8, 2003). Days before, the reactionary press had reveled that Abimael Guzmán did not know anything about what was going on when the antiterrorist judge of the process against him went to notify him; he did not know anything of the nullity of the previous sentence nor of the "new trials". This last thing is yet another proof presented by reaction itself of the absolute isolation of our Chairman Gonzalo. It is a proof of the fact that Chairman Gonzalo never had been in contact with this miserable, cynical and cowardly mercenary of the ROL, Fajardo. This is the news item that appeared in the newspaper Ojo, dated March 30, 2003: "Judiciary sources indicated that the Shining Path (SL) leader had no knowledge of what had happened concerning his case, which is why it was necessary to explain to him that a new penal action had been initiated as the previous condemnation was nullified. The statement: 'But I already have a sentence of life imprisonment' is to is to have been repeated several times by Guzmán Reynoso, who despite having studied law had not understood that he is at present being prosecuted and that the sentence of life imprisonment imposed on him by the military court no longer weighs on him.
According to what leaked out, Guzmán Reynoso demanded the antiterrorist judge to allow the lawyer that he will assign to study the file and that a new date be set in order for him to give his instructive declaration accompanied by his defense."

All of the prisoners at the Callao Naval Base receive visits from their relatives, except Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano, and neither in their cases is there any formal impediment. Chairman Gonzalo's in-laws have this right to visit the Chairman, as do his siblings, but the in-laws work with the ROL, they are controlled by the rat Javier in Stockholm (Sweden). Thus, those who claim to struggle for breaking the isolation have not even requested to visit Chairman Gonzalo; they have limited themselves to supposed "letters" and "telephone conversations" through the Marine (one of the institutions of the reactionary armed forces), and these are nothing but hoaxes fabricated by the CIA through Peruvian reaction, as has been seen with the fake "audio tapes" and "transcriptions" disseminated by the old state and the media controlled by it. Reaction has known quite well who these relatives are, and who is controlling them. The same is the case with his "siblings". All this has been foreseen. This is why reaction has seen fit to recognize the right to visits in the letter of the law, a "right" that the true course of action of "the relatives" and of those who control them turns into fiction; this right has been recognized only to be denied in deeds.
The rats abroad, headed by Javier, directly and consciously participate in the plans to defame Chairman Gonzalo as a "capitulator," in order to maintain him in isolation and assassinate him. They are covered in the blood of Party members, combatants and masses assassinated by reaction. Javier and the other few black leaders of the ROL abroad have thought that they were quite secure where they are, but even though it might sometimes take time, revolutionary justice will inevitably come, and they will pay with interest for all of their crimes. The Party has never been taken back on its words.

The authorities and other reactionary representatives also recognize the total isolation of Chairman Gonzalo

Héctor Jhon Caro (ex head of the National Leadership against Terrorism [DIRCOTE]) has declared: "Being a former policeman and a lawyer, I know that a civilian culprit should be in a civilian prison, but if we analyze the situation from the point of view of national security, I would say that we have to seek the mechanisms to keep Guzmán isolated from the rest of the members of the Shining Path" (Ojo, March 4, 2003). This is the recognition both of the fact that Chairman Gonzalo is in total isolation and of the decisive importance for reaction of maintaining the isolation; this reactionary recognizes that to do it, they are not going to and cannot apply their rotten banners from the 18th and early 19th century, those of "liberalism", "rights of the individual", "principles that rule for all," etc.
International defenders and lawyers who have worked to defend Chairman Gonzalo have made repeated requests to see him, but they have never been allowed to do so. The most recent example was during the Seventh Delegation of the IEC in March 2001, when the Delegation was denied the visit in spite of the initial recognition by the authorities that there were no legal impediments. Thus, the "respect of the rights" and the "improved conditions" that reaction and the rats, under CIA directives, make propaganda on are not existing rights, they are words written in the sand, they are indispensable parts of the hoaxes.

All the measures taken concerning the "new trials" aim at maintaining the total isolation of Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano

The recent Legislative Decree 922 - one of those establishing the norms for the "new trials" - says: "The oral trial for the crime terrorism will be public, under sanction of nullity" But in order to guarantee that reaction will decide what is going to be "public" and what not, they do not allow for "neither the introduction nor the use of video cameras, sound recorders, photographic cameras or other similar technical equipment." It further gives a vast authority for deciding on "specific measures restricting the public character of the trial, when it is considered that these are strictly necessary."
And if this does not suffice to unmask what the "public" character of the trials really means, we can add that the "trial" against Chairman Gonzalo is scheduled to be held in a courtroom inside the Callao Naval Base that is being built specifically to this end.
The date for the "trial" against Chairman Gonzalo has been postponed, for the moment until the end of this year (between October and December), and this also aims to prevent the breaking of his isolation. Another Legislative Decree further points out that the "public trials" can be canceled at the last minute, in the case that the accused "explicitly renounce the annulment envisaged in the present article. This renunciation can be made until the first appearance before the oral trial" (D.L. 926, article 2). As long as Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano remain in total isolation, the purported formulation or not of such a request is under the control of reaction, backed up by their petty-fogging lawyers lackeys of the ROL.
Thus, Peruvian reaction is in every possible way making efforts to prevent Chairman Gonzalo from making a declaration in public, live and direct. Today, the prisoners of war of the PCP, from inside the enemy's concentration camps (our STC) are denouncing the fact that the enemy is using an impostor in order to present him before the judges. This is also done by means of the publication of apocryphal declarations on what Chairman Gonzalo is to be thinking on this, like when it not to long ago was disseminated that "Abimael Guzmán has resigned to dying in prison" and that he thinks "that the state should save money instead of sentencing him again" (Correo of Lima, May 2, 2003). With this, they also want to disfigure the true position of Chairman Gonzalo concerning this, a position which, to sum it up, points out the absolute nullity of the entire trial and sentence, no matter which Court or judge dictates it, for he is a prisoner of war of the old Peruvian state and thus there can be no "impartial" judge and no due process. We demand the presentation of Chairman Gonzalo, direct, alive, and that he be allowed to express himself before the national and international media.

Reaction's hoaxes against Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano reveal their desperation, facing the invincibility of the People's War led by the PCP under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo

With deep class hatred, we condemn, repudiate and reject the gross hoaxes on "Blows and slaps in the face between Guzmán and Feliciano" and its continuation with the "Exclusive interview with Feliciano," fabricated by the CNI and disseminated through their propaganda channels Correo, Caretas, República, etc.
As the Peru People's Movement has denounced: "It is false that Comrade Feliciano is to have beaten Chairman Gonzalo or that there has been any kind of verbal or any other kind of incident between them. [...] What the enemy is seeking with this new hoax, is to divide the Party, sharpen the situation in the prisons in order to facilitate their plans for maintaining Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano in absolute isolation and produce a situation propitious to their assassination." (Denunciation!, Peru People's Movement, March 2003)
The false "news item" on the "constant fighting" between Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano is a gross and desperate hoax by reaction, not knowing what to do facing the invincibility of the People's War and the crushing of all their hoaxes. It is urgent to further develop the campaign to denounce all these hoaxes, this is what we want to serve with the present publication, and this is a task of every communist and every revolutionary. This hoax contains not very well veiled threats against Chairman Gonzalo's life; the talk of Comrade Feliciano's "physical superiority," they are preparing the possibility of presenting a hoax saying that Comrade Feliciano is to have killed the Chairman, something totally impossible. This only shows reaction's desperation facing the crushing of the hoaxes, such as that of the "hunger strike," presented by reaction to the same end, with the full participation of the miserable rats of the ROL and the very apostolic and Roman Catholic Church itself. Another threat is to be found in what is said about the possibility that Elena Iparraguirre (Miriam) might be transferred to another prison and that "If she goes, Abimael will die" (Correo of Lima, March 9, 2003). What lies hidden in this? Undoubtedly the perfidious plan of assassinating him, setting up a suicide because of depression by someone who never gets depressed (see The Interview with Chairman Gonzalo).
The continuation of this hoax is the "exclusive interview with 'Feliciano'", fabricated by the CNI and disseminated in the form of an "article" in Caretas (issue 1767, April 10, 2003), and echoed by La República and others. This interview is completely false, fabricated by the CIA from beginning to end, and it dreams of dividing the Party and portray Comrade Feliciano as being in opposition to Chairman Gonzalo, the same thing that reaction has always been disseminating via their media as well as using the rats of the ROL. The entire "interview" is using Comrade Feliciano's name to spread the most disgusting hoaxes both against him (he is presented as "repentant," defending "democracy" against "totalitarianism", etc.) and against Chairman Gonzalo ("psychopath", "he never even was a Maoist", etc.). This is a hoax that no one with a pinch of brains can take seriously. In addition, it is so poorly elaborated that, even due to formal questions, it is clear that it is a hoax. The "interview" was supposedly to have been carried out by means of written letters, but the declarations falsely attributed to Comrade Feliciano are those of a spoken interview, with formulations like "as I just said...". The CNI has even added a "P.S." to the "letter", in which Comrade Feliciano asks to be sent "the CD-ROM published by Caretas"... And this is even more so the case as reaction has made known that they are to be asking "to be authorized to write in foreign newspapers", which is also an invention, but which reveals the impediment that makes this kind of interviews impossible, that here they are not before the case of Polay, Cárdenas, etc. of the MRTA, and of the rats who are dispatching all the interviews they want in the newspapers of reaction.

Comrade Feliciano is the one who seconds Chairman Gonzalo

In stark contrast to the enemy's plans, all of what has been put on exhibit so far demands that we raise the level of the campaign to defend Chairman Gonzalo's life, joining to this the defense of Comrade Feliciano's life. Chairman Gonzalo is the Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, it is he who has applied Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the concrete conditions of Peru. Comrade Feliciano is not merely a communist, he is the one who seconds Chairman Gonzalo; he assumed the leadership of the Central Committee and the entire Party after the Chairman's arrest. Comrade Feliciano has masterfully applied Gonzalo Thought during the complex and difficult conditions of the bend in the road of revolution that the arrest of the Great Leader implied; it is under his responsibility that the Central Committee established the plans to overcome the bend in the road, crushing the revisionist and capitulationist right-opportunist line, and that we start coming out of the bend in the road. He has shown communist strive and stainless fidelity to the principles. The powerful development of the People's War, the significant increase of the number of actions, etc., even after Comrade Feliciano's arrest shows that: "the Party has known how to generate a leadership for our necessity, for our reality; we are sufficiently forged, we are not daunted by risk, we are not stopped by dangers, all this is one more test - let it be welcome!" (The Speech of our Great Leadership is a Combat Weapon that Shines Victoriously and Powerfully before the World, CC of the PCP, September 1999). Today, the entire Party is united and closes ranks around the comrade responsible for the Central Committee and for the entire Party.

The problem reaction faces in setting up its hoaxes is that they have all been and will all be crushed with people's war by the Communist Party of Peru

All these hoaxes - "the peace letters", "the hunger strike", "Comrade Feliciano's capitulation", "the fights between Gonzalo and Feliciano", etc. - have failed, they have been unmasked. Their failure shows that the Peruvian people rejects reaction and its hoaxes, that it is more and more closing ranks around the People's War and its recognized vanguard, the Communist Party of Peru. Even reaction is talking of the intense political work of the Party among the poorest masses. The Yankee master, the monster that devours the people, is fear-struck warning of the dangers of the People's War on its 23rd anniversary. The rats are, in the midst of their endless nightmares, dreaming of reaction fulfilling what it has promised them; that Chairman Gonzalo will never come out of the total and perpetual isolation he is subjected to, and so they hope to be able to escape from the revolutionary justice. What corresponds to do facing this, is to give even further impetus to the work to unmask and propagate the falseness of all these montages and hoaxes, old or "new," before the national and international public opinion, demanding the public presentation of Chairman Gonzalo. The Party is demanding it with people's war. Thus, it is much more necessary than ever to continue sweeping away the remainders of the ROL, unmasking all the old and new hoaxes and combating all the convergences with the ROL, in Peru and abroad. This is not important only to the People's War of Peru, but serves the advancing of the entire Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, of the international communist movement as a whole and of the communist movement in each country.
The struggle of the Communist Party of Peru to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo, to crush and sweep away all the hoaxes against our Great Leader and against Comrade Feliciano, has recently obtained a great success. In a recent article, it is shown how even the reactionary press has to recognize that the prisoners of war of the Shining Trenches of Combat (STC) remain firm in defense of the Great Leadership:
"Shining Path followers do not believe in the repentance of Abimael Guzmán and Feliciano
They assert that the government is using a double for Abimael
They qualify Ramírez Durand's demand for pardon as apocryphal
[...] The Shining Path followers imprisoned in the prisons Miguel Castro Castro and Santa Mónica show an attitude of non-belief faced with the journalistic versions containing declarations by their leaders Abimael Guzmán and Oscar Ramírez Durand, alias Feliciano, where these recognize having taken a mistaken road and assert that 'the internal war' has ended. Before the special judges for terrorism, the Shining Path subversives - subject to new trials - pointed out that 'the Guzmán at the Callao Naval Base Naval is a doble' and stated that 'the interview with Feliciano saying that he is in favor of democracy is false'. [...] The subversives even indicated that the government's decision not to allow TV cameras in the public hearings and not to transmit the trials directly aims precisely at covering up its intentions to present doubles for Guzmán and Ramírez Durand. This is why the terrorists demanded a public presentation of the Shining Path leaders..."
(Correo of Lima, May 4, 2003).

Defending Chairman Gonzalo's life is key to imposing Maoism as the command and guide of world proletarian revolution

We repeat that all the acts by the Peruvian state denounced by us in this article aim at maintaining Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, and Comrade Feliciano in absolute isolation and create favorable conditions for murdering them. This is the continuation of Yankee imperialism's plan. Against this, the Communist Party of Peru is even more raising the level of the defense of Chairman Gonzalo's life; the Parties, organizations and individuals inside and outside of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) are due to move heaven and earth for this very campaign. We demand the reactivation of the International Emergency Committee at the international level and the formation and activation of local committees of it, in every country and on all continents. Every opposition to the fulfilment of this task expresses a convergence with the ROL, and those who persist in these problems are, consciously or unconsciously, serving the plans of imperialism, revisionism and reaction. The campaign to defend Chairman Gonzalo - the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist living on the face of the Earth - is inseparably united with the campaign to impose Maoism as the sole command and guide of world proletarian revolution, of the new great wave of world proletarian revolution that is unfolding. The defense of Chairman Gonzalo's life has to be carried forward in order to embody Maoism more, in order initiate or develop people's war, according to the concrete conditions of each country. All this can be done only amidst the two-line struggle against revisionism as the main enemy, developing it against rightist criteria, opinions, attitudes and positions being expressed as convergences with the accursed ROL, within and outside of the RIM, as struggle within the people. Inseparably and implacably combating imperialism, revisionism and reaction, including the remainders of the accursed revisionist and capitulationist ROL, in the final part of its being swept away - this is struggle against the other camp, against the enemy.

The Peru People's Movement
June, 2003

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