Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


With revolutionary joy and optimism, this October 7 we celebrate another anniversary of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP), Party of a new type, militarized, guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, principally Gonzalo thought, that is successfully leading the people’s war in Peru for more than 32 years.

The Peru People’s Movement (MPP), generated organ of the PCP for the work abroad, salutes this anniversary of the heroic combatant with greatest optimism. With absolute conviction in Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, principally Gonzalo thought, our Basis of Party Unity, General Political Line and the Communist Programme, we express once more our salute to the men of the countryside, to the workers and working people who under the worst living and working conditions struggle for their rights and demands, to the progressive intellectuals who struggle in the streets to conquer benefits for the class and, together with the peasants and workers and even the national bourgeoisie combat and resist for their rights, that have been violated for centuries. We have an unshakable commitment to continue with the pending tasks of the Peruvian revolution, which is the work of the Communists and the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo thought revolutionaries. This is what we do and shall continue to do.

During these years of people’s war, the PCP has confronted new problems and solved them in the roar of the people’s war itself. The experience shows how the fundamental thing has been to maintain the principles. The PCP is overcoming the bend and has crushed the hoaxes of the “peace accords”; and continues to combat and definitely sweep away the ROL and the LOL, with people’s war. The only thing that guarantees our triumphs is that the ideological and political line is correct, and therefore the PCP is prepared for long years of struggle, maintaining the course.

The experience of these 32 years of people’s war has served to solve the question of leadership, and today the PCP has a Central Committee forged in the midst of the people’s war and two line struggle, inside the Party, principally within its Central Committee, as well as on international level. It was the Central Committee of the PCP that combatted the “peace accords” and that combats the ROL, and it was the Central Committee that characterized the LOL, pointed out its existence and is combatting it. It is also the CC of the PCP that has denounced, starting from the experience in Peru and the international experience, the existence of an imperialist plan of “peace accords”.

The new revisionism and some people who converge with it continue to insist on echoing the hoax of the reaction about the “peace accords”. We start from reality, and the concrete and real fact is that Chairman Gonzalo has not pronounced himself publicly, and the Party maintains the slogan We Demand that Chairman Gonzalo is Presented Publicly, Live and Directly and that He May Make a Pronouncement! What he puts forward will be defined by the Central Committee, and all of us as militants, including Chairman Gonzalo, we subject to the principles and the Central Committee, this is what Chairman Mao teaches us. We do not subject to events and organs led and planned by the reaction, in the prisons or anywhere.

The PCP, basing itself on the experience from Peru with the hoax of the “peace accords” and the ROL, the experience from Nepal and the current ones from Colombia, the “peace” process in the Basque country, the appearance of the LOL etc., has established that there is a world imperialist plan for “peace accords”, that aims to finish off every revolutionary armed struggle and especially the people’s wars. This plan of imperialism tries to impose, within the International Communist Movement (ICM), parliamentarism and multi-partyism, the idea that starting the armed struggle is futile, the “human rights”, that the peoples want “peace”, considering the people’s war to be “terrorism”, that the colonial and semicolonial countries can become modern capitalist nations through parliamentary reform (denying the existence of imperialism and bureaucrat capitalism), rejecting the concept of Great Leaders and Great Leadership and of the concrete application of Maoism to the reality of each country. They deny the fundamental point of Maoism, the question of the power, and the proletarian leadership of the revolution. Avakian and the whole new revisionism, just like the rest of the revisionists, struggle to revise the universal ideology of the international proletariat with the idea that the problem of “uniting the left” is a question of changing ideology – i.e. that the unity shall not be based on the principles of Marxism, but on pragmatism and opportunism, or on “experience that is abstracted from reality”. This, for Avakian and his followers, means an “objective” abstraction, made by intellectualoid “experts”, above the classes, and that not only the proletariat and the communists can put forward correctly how to make revolution.

As a part of this imperialist plan it is fundamental to isolate the People’s War in Peru led by the PCP. Therefore, imperialism and new revisionism has raised the new hoax that the PCP does not exist, or that there is no Central Committee that leads it, that there are only dispersed groups. At the same time, just like happened with the capitulation in Nepal, they try to replace the two line struggle with conciliation (two unite into one), while the new revisionism runs wild. Some, with their words about “historical evaluation”, want to twist the reality and avoid the evaluation of the RIM and of the application of Maoism, avoid the two line struggle and the criticism and self-criticism that is due and necessary to advance and reach unity. They talk, just like they did before about Nepal, about the “most advanced people’s war in the world”, not basing themselves on the ideological and political, but on the dispersed armed actions, on the pragmatic – and accuse us of “attacking” the people’s war in India when we insist that the defense of the revolution in India must be a defense of the principles of our class, of the proletarian leadership of the revolution. The main thing is that the left, the communists of the world, assume their responsibility, impose Maoism and crush new revisionism and the recalcitrant ones.

Today in Peru, the PCP leads the democratic revolution with people’s war and has focused on the mass work for the people’s war. The masses in Peru give their lives every day struggling against the old state, the Party works for the struggles of the masses to flow together with the people’s war, to make a leap in the incorporation of the masses into the people’s war. So that the masses do not spill their blood in vain. The CC of the PCP demands of us today, starting from the experience of the people’s war itself, to mobilize, applying “grey organizations, clandestinity, struggling unseparably with the masses, democratic centralism”. Thus we can see how the PCP draws lessons and applies to the concrete reality.

All these facts confirm that from the people’s war comes everything: the problems and the solutions, and that these do not come from the head of some “wise man” or group of “experts”.

The main danger as long as the struggle between proletariat and bourgeoisie lasts is revisionism. Today the main danger is the new revisionism that carries the label “Maoist”, a revisionism that ran wild after the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, revisionism and revisionists who dream of saving imperialism from its downfall in the midst of the struggles of the masses of the world, spreading illusions about elections and parliamentarism.

The Peru People’s Movement, generated organ for the work abroad, once more expresses its full subjection to Chairman Gonzalo, to the CC of the PCP and to its whole system of leadership. With revolutionary optimism we express the promise to combat revisionism of all kinds, and above all, to struggle to the death to impose Maoism as the command and guide of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution and fulfill the task of crushing the new hoax that there is no Party – a part of the imperialist plan for peace accords. On this day, we reaffirm ourselves in giving our lives for the ever golden Communism, for the only valid and correct way: that of the people’s war.


Peru People’s Movement
October 7, 2012


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