Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


"Comrade workers! Let us then prepare with redoubled energy for the decisive battle that is at hand! Let the ranks of the Social-Democrat proletarians close ever firmer! Let their word spread ever farther afield! Let campaigning for the workers’ demands be carried on ever more boldly! Let the celebration of May Day win thousands of new fight ers to our cause and swell our forces in the great struggle for the freedom of all the people, for the liberation of all who toil from the yoke of capital!"

(V.I. Lenin, "May Day", 1904)

"Maoism is the new, and the new has never been easily accepted; it has been imposed, in hard struggle, by the leadership of the proletariat in the revolution under the communist parties. To Lenin, Marxism is the tree of life and idealism is but a parasite. So, today the idealism they spread is but a rotten parasite, and on the other hand Maoism is the living tree of life. We are convinced of the greatness of Maoism. We owe it so much, we would not even be here together, without Maoism there would not be people's war, and furthermore, this people's war would not be the burning flame that asserts itself come hell or high water.
…Thus, revisionism is showing specific forms in its negation of Marxism…
The Party put forward that the moment would come for the great battle in defense of Marxism on all levels. This moment has come, the moment to defend Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. This question demands that we study revisionism in depth, the way one studies the enemy, because we are at war with it to the bitter end; study it, disembowel it, show its monstrosity before the whole world. Aim to specify how Marxism is questioned and negated by revisionism, imperialism and world reaction in collusion."

(PCP - "In Memory of the 40th Anniversary of the Chinese Revolution", September 1989)


The struggle for Maoism is the struggle for the proletarian leadership of the revolution

We are living in historic moments of great importance, of struggle to the death against imperialism, world reaction and revisionism.
It is essential to become aware that, on one hand, the world imperialist system finds itself immersed in a great general crisis from which it will not come out. On the other hand, the masses of the peoples of the world resist and struggle against the system of exploitation; they carry the weight of the crisis on their backs and oppose it by organizing and struggling all over the world. The point is that these struggles, without proletarian leadership, nor class conscience, nor ideology, will be defeated and used by the reactionaries. Because it is Maoism, the all-powerful ideology of the class, that defends and applies the principles of the proletariat. It is Maoism that, as third, new and higher stage of Marxism, maintains the communist principles established in the Manifesto, and applies them to the conditions of today: The need for the Communist Party, militarized, made to build and lead the red army and the united front and take the power with people's war, establish the dictatorship of the proletariat, build socialism, and with successive cultural revolutions march until the golden communism. This is why what must be done is to uphold, defend and apply Maoism, mainly apply it. The constitution or reconstitution of the militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties, is a necessity for the class.


Crush the plans of imperialism: world people's war

Imperialism is aware that its days are counted, that it is a dying and rotten beast, and for that reason it understands that it must prevent that the proletariat takes leadership of the struggles of national liberation against imperialism, or of the struggles within the imperialist countries. Therefore, the plans of imperialism have among their objectives to isolate the communists, slander the whole proletarian revolution, and convert every revolutionary movement into a reformist, revisionist movement, subordinated to the interests of imperialism. At the same time, it promotes fascism with the purpose of uniting all the classes under the agenda of the imperialist bourgeoisie and uniting the people of the imperialist countries in struggle against the peoples of the Third World. Uniting all the peoples before catastrophic stunts like "the end of the world" (see the IMF report concerning global warming etc.)

This is nothing new. After Stalin's death and after the coup of the Russian social imperialists, they marketed "peaceful coexistence" with the argument of the atomic bomb. "The existence of the atomic bomb", they said, "puts the two opposing systems before the dilemma of either coexisting or resolving their differences by forms of struggle that exclude the nuclear war. The second alternative brings immense risks for humanity". Again, imperialism tries to demobilize the proletariat and the masses of the Third World putting "the interests of mankind" over the class struggle and the world proletarian revolution - while the imperialists continue with their genocide against the peoples of the world.

We communists insist that the only solution is the revolution, and facing the imperialist world war of plunder, transform it into world people's war to crush and sweep away imperialism from the face of the Earth.


Crush new revisionism, crush "maoism" in name only

New revisionism serves the plans of imperialism and reaction. It attacks the legacy of the world proletarian revolution, the dictatorship of the proletariat, denies the great conquests of the international working class and attacks, insults and slanders the Great Leaders of the proletariat: Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao, calling them terrorists and perpetrators of genocide. Today, new revisionism has focused its attacks on Chairman Gonzalo and what he represents: being the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist living on the face of the Earth, as well as decrying him as a terrorist. At the same time, it attacks Gonzalo Thought, echoing the old revisionist thesis of the “personality cult”, as if Gonzalo Thought were the result of the inspiration or revelations of an individual and not the result of the practice and historical trajectory of the Communist Party of Peru, of the class struggle in Peru and internationally, which is reflected in the two line struggle within the Party and fundamentally in the struggle against revisionism, crushing it before it could stick out its head inside the Party, in the Party leadership. What these miserable revisionists really oppose is the proletarian leadership of the Communist Party and the revolution.

New revisionism and its main representative Bob Avakian, emanate through all their pores an absolute contempt for the proletariat and the peoples of the Third World. The protagonists of their “revolution”, now, to these traffickers, must be the cultured bourgeois, the philanthropists, discarding the “rough” passions of the proletariat, to broaden the “revolution” to the circles of the “cultured” and wealthy classes.

It was new revisionism that stated (and would do the same again if the opportunity presents itself with any other country) that Nepal was to be the “new Switzerland”, a “civilized and prosperous” country in the image of the good imperialist bourgeois dream. What nonsense! And there we see the consequences! They sold the precious blood of their people, of the best sons of the proletariat and the class, to climb up in the easy chairs of parliament, in the bourgeois circle, and with semantic pirouettes and sneaky arguments they dragged a people’s war to unconditional surrender, to absolute subjection to the conditions of imperialism and reaction.

Concerning the people’s war, new revisionism repeats the arguments of the revisionist 20th Congress of the CPSU, concretely saying that the people’s war must only be a weapon used as “legitimate defense”, imposed by the aggressive and systematic resistance against demands within the bourgeois framework, like “human rights”, “democracy”, “social justice”, or “social inclusion”. To these vile swindlers, the two line struggle in the International Communist Movement (ICM), must be replaced by consensus and “good manners”: this is how they want to dull the revolutionary edge of the proletariat; they want to convert the union of the communists of the world into a club, a dark little group of mafiosos, united by the cheap interest of their dirty skins, in a bunch of transactions and deceptions aiming to “improve” their personal position and reinforce their petty fiefs.

In summary, the so-called “left” is today for the most part made up of a heap of garbage, of bourgeois or petty-bourgeois organizations, adapted to the plans of imperialism, that spread the propaganda of imperialism: bourgeois democracy, “human rights”, beautiful words about “liberty” etc. It is decisive for imperialism to disarm and undermine Maoism, which is why they work for the neutralization and degeneration of the Maoist parties. This is the clear and pathetic case with Nepal, the RCP(USA) etc.

Avakian represents all this degeneration, he represents the petty bourgeoisie’s fear of the proletarian movement. This is why they propose a “civilized” Marxism, moderate, without feelings, a Marxism that is not “our faith” like Mariategui says, but a “pure science”, cold and “objective”. A “Marxism” without proletarian class character, a Marxism of the bourgeois “leftist” intellectuals. And the imperialists know that with such "Marxism" no revolutionary army will be built, no masses will be mobilized for the revolution.

Revisionism has been searching for a way to systematize a theory to endorse their thesis of capitulation and "peace accords". Avakian has come to be its most obvious inventor and representative. In him one can see the consequences of the ideological degeneration and of all intellectualoids like him, wise men at their desks, who have produced affected speculations with the only purpose of setting themselves up as grotesque "guides" of the class' abandonment of its principles.

Avakian and the other rotten heroes of philistinism are bred, nursed and promoted by imperialism and world reaction. All these deformed and cunning runts (servants, grooms and hired hands that imperialism needs) are the infamous defenders of not initiating the armed struggle, of not forging a militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Party, of parliamentary cretinism and of resignation, of complete surrender before the aberrant and vile dictates of the capitalist system.

But the masses have had enough of this kind of  ”Marxism", and do not want any more.

For sure, they can multiply like poisonous fungi, the black little groups that converge with the whole pack of miserable traitors against the class, the proletariat and the revolution, but there will always be the clear and forceful presence of the Central Committee of the PCP, a leadership forged in the heat of the people's war, the red fraction of the ICM, to crush all these siren calls, all these stratagems of new revisionism, of the reaction and imperialism.

To paraphrase the great Lenin, we can say that all those black little groups and gangs disguised as Maoists: What a howl would be raised by the leading lights of "Marxism", which has been falsified for the convenience of the opportunists! Let them howl. This will earn them the praises of the bourgeoisie!

To the whole proletariat, on this First of May, we say: revisionism is the outpost of the bourgeoisie in the files of the proletariat and that is why it splits, divides the communist movement and the communist parties; that is why it splits, divides the union movement, splits and divides the people's movement. Revisionism is obviously a cancer, a cancer that must be implacably swept away, there is no other way that we can advance in the revolution. And remember what Lenin said: we must forge in two things, forge in revolutionary violence and forge in the implacable struggle against opportunism, against revisionism.


How to sweep away revisionism? How to crush imperialism and world reaction?

We repeat: in synthesis, the concrete thing is that the struggle for Maoism is the struggle for proletarian leadership, because Maoism, Marxism of today, is the ideology that upholds and defends the principles of the proletariat, just as they were established in the birth certificate of the communist movement, in the Manifesto, and applies them to the conditions of today: the need for a militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party, made to build and lead the red army and the united front and take the power with people's war, establish the dictatorship of the proletariat and build socialism in order to, together with the international proletariat, the oppressed nations and the peoples of the world, through cultural revolutions, continue humanity's march towards its final goal, communism.


Peru People's Movement
May 1st, 2013


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