Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


“Enough imperialist exploitation! We must finish them off! We are of the third world and the third world is the base of the world proletarian revolution, with one condition, that the Communist Parties brandish and lead! That is what we must do!”

Chairman Gonzalo’s Speech, 1992

“300,000 members of the police and armed forces have been mobilized in these elections, the largest mobilization ever for an election, a fact recognized by the State apparatuses themselves. They have also put pressure on and put into motion all their institutions; they have even developed an unbridled propaganda oriented not only on capitalizing on votes, but to pressure the people to vote and to combat the people’s war; all part of the lowest and most vile demagogy. […] These elections have shown more blatantly how anything goes and that the reaction, in its own internal conflicts, is capable of using everything in the scramble for the interests of its groups or factions. So, what would they not do in their struggle against the people and the revolution? […] All that, in addition to the  well-known schemes, tricks, chicanery and fraud at the polls, and the backdrop of repression and genocide principally in the countryside. In this way the electoral process reeks of the dense foul odor of fascism.”

Central Committee, Communist Party of Peru, 1990 – Elections, No! People’s War, Yes!

In recognition of this anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo’s Speech on September 24, 1992, the Peru People’s Movement, as generated organization of the Party abroad, expresses once again its greeting and firm, conscious, voluntary and unconditional subjection to our Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo, center of party unification and guarantee of triumph until Communism; likewise to the heroic combatant, our glorious Communist Party of Peru and the whole system of leadership and to our Basis of Party Unity. We underscore as milestones of party life the First Congress, the Third Plenum and Chairman Gonzalo’s Masterful Speech, which shines victoriously and powerfully before the world as a combat weapon. We reaffirm our promise to give our lives in the defense of our Great Leadership and to uphold, defend and apply its all-powerful Gonzalo Thought, the creative application of the universal ideology of the international proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism.

Current events in the world express once again the general and final crisis of imperialism, the death-throes of the whole rotten and decrepit capitalist system of exploitation and oppression, and in the camp of the proletariat and peoples is expressed and intensified the rising revolutionary situation in uneven development, sweeping away all doubt as to the Marxist truth, that revolution is the principal historical and political tendency in the world. Before the just and heroic people’s struggles—the people’s wars, the anti-imperialist national liberation struggles, the revindicative struggles that are more and more combative—imperialism and reaction in every country are intensifying the repression and the violent counterrevolution, and the crisis of bourgeois democracy and parliamentarianism gives impetus to the tendency toward fascism which is inherent in imperialism. With the imperialist superpowers (Yankee, China and Russia) at the forefront, the reactionary States are resorting to fascist policies more and more in order to carry out intensified exploitation and systematic revocation of the rights already conquered by the class and the peoples.

In its desperate attempts to escape its crisis, intensify the exploitation and the new partition of the world, the blood-sucking exploiters need to control public opinion and undermine and repress the proletariat and the people; this is why the imperialist bourgeoisie applies fascist policies and promote and foments fascist and racist parties and groups, mobilizing principally sectors of the bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie in order to negate the principles of bourgeois democracy (the separation of powers, the rule of law, etc.) and to strengthen the bourgeois dictatorship and promote the militarization of States. They use corporative unions serving the agenda of the big bourgeoisie; look at, for example, how European unions participated in the European Union’s “Social Summit” in 2017, where they took up the so-called “Social Pillar”, a plan for rolling back job stability. In several countries they have taken measures to roll back the right to strike, with the full collaboration of these corporative apparatuses. And they intensify the political repression against the people’s mobilizations under the pretext of COVID-19 or of “fighting crime”.

Even though these reactionary States are not yet in the moment to completely abandon the demo-liberal form of their dictatorship, the fascist tendency is real and concrete. The ruling class uses fascism, liberalism and revisionism eclectically in order to control the class struggle. Look at how Yankee reaction uses fascist, racist and chauvinist forces—the Trump regime—to push the people to vote and thus legitimize the system. It is an open threat: “if you don’t vote, and if you don’t submit to the system, we will unleash fascism”. The same thing can be seen in Spain and other countries; the fascists and racists are used to present the “democratic” and “liberal” faction as the “better alternative”, when in reality all the factions are for the same policy: the reactionarization and fascistization of the bourgeois dictatorship is an objective fact and inevitable in imperialism, especially in its present general and final crisis.

The role of revisionism in this situation is to derail and contain the struggles of the proletariat and the people and to keep them under the ideological, political and organizational leadership of the bourgeoisie under the slogans of “democratic socialism” and promises of “reforms”. In the USA, the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement—with leaders often times from a revisionist formation—have a central role in converting the righteous struggle against racism and repression into an instrument of electoral propaganda for the Democratic Party. That is to say, instead of a revolutionary movement, a supposed “anti-racist” movement to defend the imperialist system. The reforms they demand (defund the police, etc.) in reality only serve to keep the illusion that it would be possible to end repression and racism without ending the system. Also, some of the proposals to “abolish the police” seem to aim at putting the police under the supervision of corporative apparatuses. The fascist tendency is expressed in different forms in all factions of the bourgeoisie and their lackeys.

The new revisionism, in the USA represented by the revisionist RCP of Avakian, continues the old policy of revisionism to take up a supposed “anti-fascist united front” as a pretext for putting themselves at the tail of the big bourgeoisie, through the Democratic Party. Instead of giving proletarian leadership that the struggles actually need and mobilizing the people for revolution, preparing people’s war, the revisionist Avakian now calls for voting in the reactionary elections, because supposedly there is an “urgent need to drive out the fascist Trump regime” To sustain this revisionist position, Avakian obviously has to completely abandon the Marxist definition of fascism and negate the objective process of general reactionarization, which will happen independently from which party or president the bourgeoisie employs as a figurehead.

We Marxist-Leninist-Maoists defend, uphold and apply the principle of united front as a front of classes under the leadership of the proletariat “no Marxist has disregarded the need for the leadership of a Party. Without it, how can the hegemony of the proletariat be concretized? Only through a really genuine Communist Party, that is, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Party that firmly and consistently serves the interests of the class and defends the interests of the people.” (Chairman Gonzalo). The threat of fascism doesn’t change this principle. Which means that what corresponds in the current situation is that the communists support and participate in the righteous people’s struggles—against repression, against racism, against fascism and for the revindications of the people—to guide and lead the masses, educating them in the ideology of the proletariat and revolutionary violence, serving the construction or reconstitution of the Communist Parties as militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties to prepare, initiate and develop people’s war in every country. We call for the development of the boycott of the reactionary elections in every country and never allow the class and the people to be placed at the tail of the bourgeoisie and its lackeys.




Peru People’s Movement
September 2020


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