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Publisher’s Note

The MPP has reproduced the songs contained in this CD so as to document the heroic struggle which is being carried out by the prisoners of war and the political prisoners in Peru to turn the prisons of the Peruvian reaction into Shining Trenches of Combat in and for the People’s War. The songs presented here are an expression of the new culture that has been born and developed with the People’s War and with the New Power that is flourishing in our motherland, and is even blooming from the darkest dungeons of the old and rotten Peruvian state itself.

Just as it is impossible to hide the sun with one’s thumb, it is impossible for imperialism, revisionism and world reaction to hide the People’s War in Peru, which is developing as the torch of the World Proletarian Revolution. It is impossible for them to hide the heroic struggle of the Peruvian people and their best sons and daughters, who are kept in the worst imaginable and inhumane conditions seen in Peru to date and continue to struggle, holding high the flaming red banner of revolution, having never been brought down on their knees. These are shining examples for the Peruvian people and the people of the world.

The songs presented here are a manifesto of the ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, that leads our Party and is being embodied more and more by the Peruvian people with the development of the People’s War; it is a manifesto of the ideology, class morale and enormous sacrifice carried out by the prisoners of war and the political prisoners as part of the great masses of our people.

The songs on this CD have been performed by the prisoners of war and the political prisoners under very difficult circumstances and without modern equipment. The songs were recorded in the Miguel Castro Castro Prison, also known as "Canto Grande," in the beginning of the ’90s, just before a massacre was carried out against them in May ’92, where more than a hundred comrades gave their lives for the Party and the Revolution. In the process of reproducing the songs, the MPP has done some filtering and made improvements of the recording to improve the sound quality. With the release of this CD we hope to broaden and strengthen the understanding and support for the People’s War in Peru, the prisoners of war and the political prisoners.

September 1999
Peru People’s Movement (MPP)


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