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Note on the national situation by Red Sun Magazine 31st of May 2003

On the 28th of May, Alejandro Toledo (the "Yankee with indian hat"), bred by North American imperialism as president of the old Peruvian State; has declared "state of emergency on national level" for 30 days, accordingly, the reactionary armed forces takes up the control of the internal order, in a moment when the strikes by the peasants, teachers, judicial workers, healthcare workers, etc. - brought about with blockades of the main highways in the country - have gotten to the point of stirring up the whole of Peru.
The message of Toledo, when he made public the "state of emergency", is cheap demagogy and only expresses the desperation of reaction for its impossibility to fulfill the three tasks that are a necessity for reaction and imperialism, which are: give new impulse to bureaucrat capitalism, restructure the old state, and annihilate the People's War. The runt Toledo said: "We have decided to declare State of Emergency at national level for thirty days, so that the personal liberties and the right to free transit is exercised" , when in reality by the state of emergency these very rights are restrained, which is clearly pointed out in article 137 of the fascist Constitution of 1993, which defends Toledo defends and applies to declare the State of Emergency: "State of Emergency […] can restrain or suspend the exercise of the constitutional rights related to the personal liberty and security, the inviolability of the domicile, the freedom of assembly and transit…". The only thing that Toledo does is to show the essence of these "Rights", the Right of the big bourgeoisie and the landlords to oppress and exploit in the service of imperialism.
Toledo had a meeting with the Yankee ambassador to Peru, hours before announcing the "declaration of the national State of Emergency", under the cover of the "War on Drugs", to later also meet with "the special envoy of the United States for the initiative in the Western Hemisphere, Otto Reich" (the newspaper Comercio, 29th of May 2003). This shows who manages Toledo, "the State of Emergency" has been dictated by Yankee imperialism.

The declaration of the "national State of Emergency" mainly aims against the powerful and victorious development of the People's War

In his message, Toledo didn't mention the true motive for declaring the "State of Emergency", but in all the other declarations the undeniable truth comes out, about the main problem that the old Peruvian State has: the People's War led by the Communist Party of Peru. On the 27th of May, Toledo made a speech on television, in which according to the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio (29th of May 2003) "he went back to revive the ghost of the Shining Path to accuse intentions of destabilization. He denounced that the inflexible stand of an important part of the teachers is due to the "hand" of the Shining Path" . The declarations concerning the "presence of the Shining Path", "infiltrators", etc., in the protests are constant, and the Interior Minister has declared that "the intentions of some terrorists to take the union leadership are being monitored" (El Peruano, 29th of May 2003).
The full recognition has come on the 30th of May, in a secret session by the congress to inform regarding the motives for the declaration of the State of Emergency: "another fact that had motivated the emergency declaration, according to the ministers, had been the latest Shining Path actions in the river valleys of Ene and Apurímac which - according to them - coincide with the protests by the unions on strike. According to the mentioned members of government, the mentioned events added up with the social convulsion had permitted a reactivation of terrorism". (Correo of Lima, 31st of May 2003)
Let us add the information that, with the State of Emergency, "approximately 70 % of the members of the Armed Forces were sent to the streets in the whole country to control disturbances", meanwhile "the lacking 30 % is concentrated in the valleys of Ene and Apurímac" (República, 28th of May 2003), with this confession of the other side it is put in the public light what they try to hide at every cost, how the contradiction Communist Party - Reactionary Armed Forces develops, People's War against "Low Intensity War" which is led directly by North American imperialism, thus the presence of 30% of the troops of the Armed Forces to make their encirclement and annihilation campaigns against the Support Bases and the People's Committees in a region that is a bastion of the People's War, it reveals that the enemy is bringing about a new and bigger encirclement and annihilation campaign, which is being confronted and once again it will be defeated by the counter-campaign of the Party, just as has happened during these more than 23 years of victorious and invincible People's War. In this manner the declaration of "State of Emergency" by this runt of imperialism that is Toledo, is part of a new campaign of the enemy against the People's War, a campaign that they develop resorting to greater genocide in the countryside and in the city, a campaign prepared, led and instigated by Yankee imperialism, while the Communist Party of Peru brings forward its counter-campaign at national and international level, with bold advance generating, giving impulse to and leading the rough sea of the popular struggle with People's War.
The masses of the Peruvian people express their heroism and combativity, confronting in the whole country the Reactionary Armed Forces; expressing their rejection, showing that they are not afraid of and know how to answer to the reactionary oppression and the "State of Emergency" with which the enemy seek to curb and drown their struggle in blood. The Reactionary Armed Forces go on expressing their genocidal character, bathing once again in the blood of the unarmed masses. The authorities bring forth a big campaign to cover up the genocide, but the disputes inside reaction make them come out: "The President of the regional government in Lima, Miguel Angel Mufarech (the APRA-ist that has been with all the reactionary governments - our note) accused the government of hiding information and denounced that the troops of the Army massacred the demonstrators in the northern province of Barranca. In the declarations to the reporters in the Congress, Mufarech said that seven persons who had disappeared from the hospital could have died as a consequence of the serious bullet wounds. 'There is abnormal movement in the morgue of Barranca', he added. […] 'I deny what has been said by the whole government, there has been a massacre in Barranca (…). There are people who have to have surgery because they have bullets in the stomach, the liver, the back, the face and the head', remarked Mufarech, while he showed some bullet cases to the journalists". (RPP, 30th of May 2003). While this character did this, the APRA-ist Alan García and the top leaders of his party expressed their solidarity with the declaration of "Emergency". Which shows that the reactionary parties are a mess of worms. It's like that, in the whole country; the old state is murdering and "disappearing" the best children of the Peruvian people. The People's War is the only thing that will make justice and punish duly all of these crimes. The spilled blood doesn't drown the revolution, but waters it!

The counterrevolutionary war goes, as is established in the Yankee military handbooks, accompanied by a propaganda of psychological war, of hoaxes and lies. Thus, the reaction aims to cover up the fact that the Communist Party of Peru is the recognized vanguard, upholding the revisionists of all type: mainly the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL), Patria Roja, MRTA, etc. Likewise, we denounce the "new" hoaxes against Chairman Gonzalo, prepared by the future "public trial" of Morote, the rat of the ROL, and by the declarations of the "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" that "the terrorist leaders of the Shining Path, Abimael Guzmán, and the Revolutionary Tupac Amaru Movement [MRTA - transl. note], Victor Polay …on the 10th of June will present their evaluations of the violence in a declaration taped in meetings held with them in the prison." We denounce and unmask all of these montages of "taped declarations": they are fabricated by the CIA and their content has nothing to do with Chairman Gonzalo. We demand the public presentation of Chairman Gonzalo, live and direct, before the televised national and international press, and that he is allowed to make a statement!
All these events in Peru confirm what is established by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru regarding the national and international situation. The Party continues the application of the ongoing plan: Unite the people against the fascist, genocidal and countryselling dictatorship!, because the government of Toledo is only a runt of Yankee imperialism. The Party applies bold advance with the wind in its back, hammering with overwhelming actions with a clear political objective and in the appropriate moment, as the one in March 2002 against the embassy of the United States and against the visit of the genocidal Bush. The Party is conquering great successes in the planned work of organizing the masses, which is done inside the class struggle, developing the struggle for the daily demands in service of the struggle for Power. Today, before our very eyes, a great leap is being expressed in the incorporation of the masses in the People's War. The struggle for the daily demands of the masses is fused with the People's War; marching to form a single torrent. The forms of struggle, like the stoppage of the country with blockades of highways, confrontations with the reactionary Armed Forces and Police Forces, takeovers, etc. are very important, they show the advance of the preparations for the future insurrection, that will take place when the forces of the countryside assault the cities in combination with the insurrection from within, to culminate the path of surrounding the cities from the countryside, to conquer the Power in the whole country.
We call upon all the communists and revolutionaries to make concrete actions, raising the support for the People's War in Peru and the campaign to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo, smashing the campaign that tries to isolate the People's War in Peru from the support of the international proletariat and the peoples of the world. We salute from here the future birth of the People's Republic of Peru!

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