Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Central Committee
Communist Party of Peru
May 2016

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May 2016

[Prepared for the Internet by Red Sun magazine]

Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


"We base ourselves on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, principally Gonzalo thought, i.e. on the ideology of the proletariat, the highest expression of mankind, the only true, scientific and invincible ideology. We struggle for the Communist Program, the essence of which is to organize and lead the class struggle of the proletariat, for it to conquer political power, carry out the democratic revolution, the socialist revolution and the cultural revolutions until Communism, the inalterable goal towards which we march. We have a general political line for the revolution, with the laws that govern the class struggle for taking the power; established by Chairman Gonzalo with its five elements: 1) International Line; 2) Democratic Revolution; 3) Military Line; 4) Line of the Construction of the Three Instruments of the Revolution; and 5) Mass Line. The Military Line is the centre of the general political line. We forge ourselves in proletarian internationalism since we see our revolution as a part of the world proletarian revolution. And we maintain ideological, political and organizational independence, relying on our own forces and on the masses."

(Line of the Construction of the Three Instruments of the Revolution - Communist Party of Peru)

The Communist Party of Peru gives its unconditional salute and subjection to our great Leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist living on the face of the Earth, centre of Party unity and guarantee of triumph until Communism; to our almighty ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, principally Gonzalo thought. With jubilant optimism we celebrate the 36th anniversary of our victorious People's War. A People's War in Peru that, as a part of the world proletarian revolution, is solving new problems that the revolution demands. Implacably combating revisionism inside and outside our ranks.

We call the Peruvian people to continue on the road of the revolution, holding high the red banners of the revolution until our goal Communism.

In the enemy camp, imperialism in its final stage of capitalism continues deepening the crisis from 2008, facing the competition from China and Russia, raising a new repartition of the world. Let us see their perspective.

For Yankee imperialism, in the first quarter of 2016, its GDP growth rate reached 0.80%. With pessimism and reluctantly the Conference Board announced that the Yankee economy this year will suffer its first reduction in its level of production and that the unemployment rate is around 9.7%. And to round off, Brett Ryan, analyst at Deutsche Bank, maintains that there is a 55% chance that the sickly gendarme will go into recession.

At the meeting in London on October 2015 between China and England, they agreed to promote the yuanization of the world economy. Keep in mind that London has the biggest exchange market in the world and gathers the greatest number of parallel market operations, registering more than half of the operations in Yuan on the European continent. That is why David Cameron said with excitement that 2015 is a "golden year" for the relationship between China and Britain. Capitalism in its highest stage of financial capital develops according to what the great Lenin established.

The NATO wants to hold a summit to align the member countries in defense of its condition as sole gendarme. They continue to carry out encirclement maneuvers in the countries close to Russia and China. Keep in mind that the goal of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is to control the area of Eurasia applying Mackinder's concepts, which were the foundation for Germany's invasion of Russia in order to dominate the world. But they repeat the old story, that it is for security, for the struggle against terrorism and separatism. The SCO is linked to the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), countries that have created the Development Bank and its Reserve Arrangement. The implementation of the Stream gas pipelines and the silk roads proposed by Russia and China are part of the contest for power hegemony.

In this situation of contest, Yankee imperialism seeks its longed-for strategic superiority in order to then swoop down to stamp out and crush the plans of the imperialist countries Russia and China, that come from the restoration of capitalism with voracious and insatiable appetite, both of them trafficking with the victory in World War II by the Russian revolution and the victory over the fascist Japanese army by the Chinese revolution.

We, the Communist Parties, have a great responsibility to develop a bold advance when our class enemies are in conflict. The PCP maintains the course of the revolution established by Chairman Gonzalo. It is decisive that the Communist Parties, before the initiation of the people's war or during it, reaffirm ourselves in developing the Cultural Revolutions in an armed sea of masses in order to ward off restoration; we already see the sinister role that the revisionists fulfill when they usurp the power.

In this country, this reactionary Humala government is tailing after Yankee imperialism from the beginning. Today we see how Kuczynsky and Keiko are seeking the support of the ROL [right opportunist line] that proclaims blank votes, i.e. they want the people to legitimate proven reactionaries.

None of the candidates cares about the project of the General Labor Law [Ley General de Trabajo], which has been discussed for 15 years in the parliament.

In '91 they carried out the privatizations and the reorganizations of the public enterprises, concretizing the promotion of temporary employment and firing workers without reason, paying compensation.

In '92 they carried out the collective mass termination of workers employed by the state, without justification. Some institutions were dissolved, and the next day they appeared with a "new labor system", the private system. For example: the Contraloría General de la República [Office of the Auditor General of the Republic], the Judicial Power.

Establishing endless labor systems: public career, private system, non-personal services and others. Today the rearrangement of state employment with the reactionary Civil Service Law, which is the application of the World Bank's policy to frame the Free Trade Agreement in line with imperialism's need to put an end to labor stability and the 8 hour work day, and with starvation wages. This government that is now leaving was elected with the support of the revisionist parties and federations, like the CGTP, Cite etc.

This is the role that these reactionary candidates have fulfilled and the right opportunist line (ROL) tails after them for amnesty, for capitulation. This is how these entrenched revisionists end up.

Today, on this 36th anniversary, we reaffirm ourselves in our victorious people's war, the only road of the people to struggle against the exploitation and misery that bureaucratic capitalism unfolds. The government that will be elected will align itself with the current situation of imperialism, renouncing more and more the rights conquered by the class and the people. They will continue with the criminalization of the people's struggles. As has been proven, once again.

ELECTIONS NO, PEOPLE'S WAR YES! is the correct position for the Peruvian people, that has nothing to expect from these reactionary elections and from parliamentary cretinism.

Finally we call the Communist Parties to uphold, defend and apply Maoism for it to be the only command and guide of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution.


PCP-Central Committee
May 2016



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